Manic Miner for Windows

Do you want the cheat codes?

Of course you do. And if you've come so far, I'll let you have them...

This is the phone number I had in the apartment at the time I wrote the cheat routines:

Just type it in (while playing the game - not at the opening screen), number by number to get into cheat mode. You'll see the famous boot that indicates you're in cheat mode. Now you can supercharge your Manic Miner experience in two directions:

  • Hyper jumping to a specific level: Press and hold a combination of the keys 1 - 5 and as you keep them presses, press the 6 key. You will switch to a different level, depending on the combination of 1 - 5 you were using. I wont list here all the combinations, but here are two, as an example:
    - Will send you directly into Eugene's Lair.
    - Will send you to the Skylab landing bay
    For the computer literate among you, I would only say the 1 - 5 key combination is a binary representation of the level number you jump to.

  • Get Infinite Lives: Just press the following keys together:

I created a small animation that runs when you finish the game. You'll have to complete all levels in a single game to see this animation. This means:

  • If you've used a single hyper jump in your game, you will not see this animation (You will see it if you've used an almost infinite number of lives in the process).
  • Don't use the 'L' key to choose a different level when starting the game. If you do, you won't see the end animation.

Note: the cheats are available only in the registered version of Manic Miner for Windows

If you have anyquestions, please
let me know.

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